Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My abstracts - an explanation

I seem to have really confused people, so here's a painting and an explanation of why I chose to make it look the way it does:
"Lookinglass" 1991 36"x24" Acrylic Mixed media on masonite.

First a few things about me. I was born 2nd of 7 children in a large 3 bedroom house in Munnsville (aka the middle of nowhere) While my brothers and sisters are all wonderful human beings, growing up got really I mean really LOUD! Living in the middle of nowhere had the advantage that a small woods was very near our house. I would escape the noise there. Usually just sitting against (or up) a tree, breathing deep and enjoying the quiet. My abstracts are all wooded landscapes which try to capture that welcome feeling of quiet and absolute peace.

The above painting "Lookinglass" was the first of the abstract landscapes. It is an actual place, but I wanted it to slowly show itself - only those who can stay quiet and look for a while will see the trees, rocks and stream. It wasn't easy to stop before I gave it all away, but I feel like the picture you'll eventually see is like hidden treasure.

An interesting thing happened when I showed it to friends. Some of them never saw the landscape. One saw a tiny English village being bombed, another sees only dancers on stage. How cool is that?

If you see anything cool, let me know. I'm very curious about exactly what it is myself!

This painting made it into my first ever International Art Show and I'll probably never sell it for that reason, but clicking on the image will allow you to buy an inexpensive and good quality print.

This piece was exhibited at the Batavia International Art Exhibit, the Tyler Art Gallery, and the Romano Art Gallery. It may also be found on line at the Saatchi Gallery site.

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