Monday, November 26, 2012

Print Sale!!

From now until Christmas - All 8 x 10 framed prints are on sale for only $20!!

Posting the florals first, but I'll keep adding as time goes on :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to deal with an Artist

Every now and then, I get a little reality check.  Turns out that not everyone sees art the way I do.

Like a few months ago.  A perfectly nice seeming couple commissioned me to make a painting featuring their friend’s boat.  Terms were agreed upon, reference photo taken & approved.  I went back to my studio and made the painting.  When it was finished I drove to deliver it.  Whereupon, the husband decided to haggle.  His point of view was that it probably only took me an hour or so to paint it - like Bob Ross on PBS and that I was charging way too much for an hour’s work!  He looked for flaws (too much red, not enough blue) and told me that painting was probably just my hobby so I should be happy he wanted it at all.

My point of view is that if the purchaser doesn’t believe that he/she is getting a fantastic bargain at the agreed upon price, they don’t get to take it home. 

Funny thing, when he saw that I was serious his tone changed completely. 

But it still bothers me.

Monday, November 12, 2012

What is a Professional Artist?

I came across this on Facebok via Samantha Thompson.  I'm not sure that I agree with all of the points, but it is a good checklist for those who want a small business in fine arts.

Professional artists are:

-seeking to build a reputation as a professional artist
-making regular attempts to bring his/her work to the public or relevant market
-having regular public exhibitions of his/her art work
-offering work for sale, or selling art work
-having work acquired for public or private collections
-securing work, commissions or consultancies on the basis of his/her professional expertise
-undertaking arts projects
-securing residencies, teaching, lecturing or giving public talks
eligible to apply for or has been awarded government grants
-seeking philanthropic patronage or sponsorship
-carrying out work in a businesslike manner (e.g. keeping financial records, having formal written contracts or agreements, having a written business plan)
-regularly participating in activities designed to promote his/her work including establishing a website and other marketing activities
-achieving industry or peer recognition through published works, critical texts or media profile
-building industry contacts
-renting, leasing or owning space dedicated for art purpose
professionally qualified or has equivalent experience typical of others in the industry
-a member of a professional association or union (like NAVA)

Oh yeah and you have to make the art too!