Saturday, May 22, 2010

Self Portrait - No Really, I look just like this

"Self Portrait - No Really I look just like this" Etching on archival 100% Cotton paper.

I've recently joined "The Artist's Challenge - A Private Art Club" mostly for fun. This month's challenge was a self portrait. I'm fond of this one as it never fails to make it's viewer smile (and usually call me an idiot) It is, however a fair representation of what I look like first thing in the mornings :-P

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Abstract Landscape and some great news!

Another small 8 x 10 landscape painted with Golden Acrylics. I'm having a really good time with the colors!
Alright, now for the great news: A couple of months ago I wrote here on the subject of provenance. I was having trouble finding all the information on where my work had been years ago. I've given up on the search through dusty boxes and decided it was time to get back to exhibiting anyway. So I'm really happy to announce that I have gotten replies back from the Everson Museum in Syracuse, New York and from the Chapel Gallery in Ontario, Canada..... I'm in!