Friday, August 12, 2011

A couple more props

Last time I talked about how I make theatrical props from found objects for a production of Mel Brook's "Producers" This post is the same premise, different play. These are for a production of "Sweeney Todd" Fewer props this time which worked out time-wise as it was only one week between plays.
Meat Pies are just papier Mache

Meat Grinder for Mrs. Lovette's shop:


Large piece of cardboard (bowl)

ramen noodles box

Seattle's best medium coffee cup

paint stirring stick

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Going green with theatrical props

As an Artist, I'm often asked to pitch in for a variety of projects, my favorite is when I'm asked to make props for theater. I love a creative challenge so my approach is a little different. Rather than going out and purchasing materials from craft shops or buying pre-made pieces, I go green and make them from found objects. Materials used in the following images include papier mache, chopsticks, mardi-gras beads and empty bottles of tea.

Some of my most recent props and their materials lists:

20 Papier Mache ball and chains - Punch balls (child’s toy) Papier Mache, collars and wrist/ankle bands are recycled posters covered with duct tape, chains are mardi-gras beads which are held on to the balls using plastic gift cards and hot glue.

9 Adding machines with desks - desks are Little Caeser’s pizza boxes turned inside out, machine is shaped from cardboard, keys are thumbtacks with bingo chips super-glued on the tops.

2nd photo is the sound mechanism. - which consists of 5 chopsticks, a cut up iced tea bottle, some mardi-gras beads a gift card, some hot glue and black duct tape.

Hats - papier mache, wrapping paper, broken safety glass salt (you should have seen the looks I got at the junk yard when I asked to go in and collect it!) mardi-gras beads, shredded paper, 2 feather dusters, a boa and a knee high.

2 tanks - cardboard, duct tape, glue. This photo was taken during rehearsal. At the last minute I added a dowel with a small sign saying “bang” :)