Thursday, June 14, 2012

So exciting! I’m having a grand opening for my new studio in just 2 weeks!

The space is large enough that I will be able to split it nearly in half for a gallery area and a working space. The gallery area has large windows and faces a relatively busy street. The studio space will be large enough for me to have several artworks going at the same time, AND for students to join me :)

Click on the picture for a listing of class offerings and a registration form.

Monday, June 11, 2012

So much has happened since my last posting!

I started up a face book page and a google+ page (still under construction)

Gave up on ETSY, at least for the time being. There just didn’t seem to be serious interest there. Lots of views but no purchases.

Sold a few paintings :) The new ones were all commissioned portraits so I won’t be posing them.

Started volunteering at the local American Legion. They needed some assistance getting word about their charitable work out to the public, so I made a logo for them and set up a face book page for them as well. They are I like the look of their banner, but think it’s kind of funny that I still don’t have one myself. I guess it’s a case of “the shoemaker’s sons go barefoot” They also asked me to help with their float at the memorial day parade :)

We won first prize! I painted the 4’ x 8’ murals, but they were designed by R. Eccleston. The plan is to have the sketch turned into a war memorial for the city. Hopefully the murals will help in their fund raising efforts.

In other news, my son will be graduating from High School in 2 weeks, we’re moving, AND I’m moving into a new studio space!!