Monday, November 16, 2009

Abstract Explanation Continuation (say THAT 3 times fast!)

Portals 1992
Acrylic and Mixed Media
on Board

Continued from last time's explanation.

I find it difficult to name paintings. I felt like last week's painting was kind of like putting a mirror up to the part of me that isn't normally visible. I liked the word "Lookinglass" better than "Mirror" so that's what it's called.

Then I started thinking about how Alice's lookinglass was a portal into a magical place. The woods were magical to me, particularly in the spring with the sunlight reflecting off the branches and certainly deserved a portal of their own, so yet another painting was called for.

"Lookinglass" was made with materials from the art supply store exclusively. This time I decided to go a little non-traditional so I used potting soil, coffee grounds and various other natural objects along with Acrylic paint and media to give it the rich texture I wanted. The acrylics stabilize and hold the natural objects into place beautifully.

When I was satisfied with the work, I bashed the edges to make them uneven - this is a portal to a place of untamed beauty so straight edges and corners just don't belong.

This piece was exhibited at the Tyler Art Gallery, the Romano Gallery and may also be seen on line at the Saatchi Gallery site.


Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
In it something is. Earlier I thought differently, I thank for the information.

Steve Washburn said...

I found your link on Empty, glad I followed it here. Your blog has a wide range of types of art. Very impressive!

Your Anonymous commenter sounds like the character "Listro Q" from the book "The Portal", a good read.

Kathy said...

I checked out your blog at Some wonderful work there!

While I greatly appreciate those who take the time to leave a comment, I didn't know quite how to respond to Anonymous. Perhaps reading "The Portal" will help.

Steve Washburn said...

Here's a link with a review of "The Portal"