Saturday, April 19, 2008


April 19

Today's flower is called Pencil Pansy it's 4" x 4". A graphite drawing done once again as an excuse not to have to come indoors on a glorious summer's day (I'm beginning to suspect a pattern here!)

This time, I was in Leichester, England. My former Father in law had retired and was spending a good amount of his time making a well-kept English garden into a showpiece. It was a simply wonderful place to spend time. The care he took was obvious. This little guy with the "cheeky" face was in the border of one of the flower beds.

Dick, former Father in law, engineer, ace gardener and WW2 hero (British corps of Engineers.....yep, one of the men who was rescued by fishing boat from the beaches of Dunkirk) is now 89 years old and in failing health. Makes me a little nostalgic I guess so I dusted this off to show today.

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