Friday, February 15, 2008

More cars

Feb 15

OK, so I said I'd post more cars, here they are. The first is a 1957 Corvette. It's done with acrylic paint on canvas 21" x 16" .

Another nostalgic piece, I added a man in typical James Dean pose (complete with cigarettes in his sleeve) just for fun.

Another Pastel piece, 36" x 24" pastel of a customised 1974 corvette in front of Kewpee's diner, that Utica landmark that lives on in the fond memories of it's former customers.

Another car painting in Acrylic.

Cars are fun, so I made a series in watercolor and one in pencil.

Other vehicles next time!

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thom said...

Hey Kathy, well I guess you are professional. I had no idea til I did a little research. I'm flattered to know you and look forward to discussing many things about art with you. I love your car paintings. And I know you are charging too little for them. Good Luck, Thom