Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A car pic

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If you right click on this image and use it on your site or print it out, you will be hung, drawn and quartered! OK, so that's a complete lie, but these images took me a long time to make, so if you do take it, please give me credit, a simple by K.Shetler will do. It would also be appreciated if you would email me to let me know where my images travelled - just curiosity, I won't harass.

Feb. 15, 2008

I thought I'd start with a painting and a story.

The man who comissioned this is an ace mechanic who owned the black car in the foreground and who had "souped up" all the others. Back in the day, he'd done drag racers and a little street racing. The place to meet your street racing opponent was called Kewpee's in Utica, NY.

This particular cultural landmark had been torn down in the late 70's but I found a photograph to work from. Being mid-winter, I also used photographs for the cars (they were all nestled snugly in garages) I enjoyed the old timey feel of the sketches when I had put it all together, so used pastels which didn't quite come to the edges of this 24"x 36" painting to enhance the effect

This was the beginning of several more car paintings, I'll post them soon.

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Thom Alwell said...

Hi Kathleen, it's a great site you got started here. Are you looking for other projects to add to your site? Your art is pretty magnificent. I wonder how some of those car/motorcycle pics would look on T-shirts? But with those colors, you'd have to charge $50.oo a shirt! Thom