Thursday, January 24, 2013

The wedding gift

When people I care about have gotten married, I've offered to make paintings for them.  I like the idea of them having an actual piece of artwork on the walls of their first place.  They generally have chosen a place that has some meaning for them as a couple such as the spot on the mountain where he proposed or the view from their first apartment together.  I love making them as I know that they are cherished.

Usually they come out as landscapes and I have shown them as such.  This one is special though.  Though I'm not known as a particularly sentimental person Sam wrote a description that brought a tear to my eye,

"We were walking and it was the most beautiful evening.  It was frosty, the air was crisp and fresh and all the stars were out...It was amazing and so romantic to be walking hand in hand .  So in love and planning our future.  Even now evenings like that take me straight back"

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