Friday, June 17, 2011

Everson 60/60

Will the young man in the fedora please contact me at I have something that belongs to you :)

Ok, now to the blog post.

My work usually sells by word of mouth, at MadArt Gallery or at art shows. I don’t do art fairs so I really look forward to events like the 60/60 when I’m able to meet artists and art lovers (fellow art nerds) I loved seeing the other artists at work and having such knowledgeable input!

I participate in the 60/60 and a few other events like it because they are fund raisers for the arts. This event directly benefits the Everson Museum of Art which is a wonderful resource right in the center of New York State. As an artist, I donated an hour of painting and then the resulting piece to the Museum. They provided refreshments and a whole crew of volunteers to ensure that everything went smoothly and that everyone had a wonderful time. The resulting pieces were raffled off with the proceeds going to Museum expenses. It’s quite an honor to be invited to join such talented artists in supporting this cause. My piece was won by fellow artist, Janet George Johnson. Congratulations Janet! Your kind words (and excellent taste) are greatly appreciated!

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