Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2010 Regional Fine Arts Exhibition at the RACC

I hope all the serious artists will forgive me, but above is a photo of the absolute coolest part of the show (and a delicious part of the reception!) The artwork was of superior quality of course. It only seems to improve every year. Pat Besl's pastel piece "Jack" won the best of show prize and quite deservedly so, it was just beautiful!

I was also impressed by the variety of arts represented. Sculpture, painting and photography along with etchings, fiber arts and collage. All this in only 57 pieces. Mary Murray, contemporary art curator at the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute did a fabulous job, not a 'dud' in the bunch!

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Amatheya said...

That little mouse is the cutest darn thing I've ever seen!! (runs off to the kitchen to make my own)