Friday, December 4, 2009


Dell 1993
Monoprint and Etching on handmade paper

This continues the explanation of my abstracts that began on November 10.

First a couple of quick explanations about the printing process:
Etching: A metal plate is covered with an acid resistant ground. You scratch your drawing through the acid resistant layer and dip in acid. Then rinse and remove the ground. Your drawing is now etched in. Then you cover it with ink and wipe. The ink stays in the lines and you run it covered with a piece of paper through the press. Voila, you have a print! You can make as many identical copies as you'd like.
Monoprinting: A plastic plate is used with either water color or another water-based paint. Cover it with paper and run it through the press. Voila, a print that was much easier to make, but you only get one.

I ran this print through the presses twice, first as a watercolor monoprint, then carefully matching the corners (both methods dent the paper around the edges of the plate) I ran it through the etching press. I made the paper of cotton and Iris leaves which gave it a very nice mottled brown color and texture.

This piece was exhibited at the Tyler Art Gallery in Oswego and at the Romano Gallery in Utica. 5 prints remain available for purchase.

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